Under The Hood

Our school buses not only often exceed Federal and State school bus construction standards, but can also be equipped with state-of-the-art technology and superior safety equipment to better safeguard our passengers.

All of our vehicles have a fully functional automatic crossing arm to help keep school children in full view of the bus driver while crossing through the loading and unloading zones. This crossing arm is a safety device that extends from the front bumper on the right side of the bus during the loading and unloading of passengers. It is designed to help students cross in front of the bus at a safe distance, eliminating a common blind spot for the driver. It also serves as an alert to surrounding vehicles that the bus is coming to a stop, indicating that they are required to also stop.

Technology On Board

Some of the technology that we have begun installing in our vehicles includes:

  • GPS Tracking Systems: GPS systems not only allow managers to track the locations of the buses, but they also play an important role in route optimization. Being able to view each route and determine factors such as speed and idling time provides managers with the information needed to enhance route efficiency, reducing costs as well as dangerous emissions.

  • SafeStop™: This revolutionary security feature allows parents to monitor the location and progress of their child’s bus, and feel confident knowing that their child is being safely transported to and from school each day. Parents receive notifications when the bus is nearing their bus stop via e-mail or text message, directly to their preferred mobile device.

  • Child Check-Mate Systems: It is the driver’s responsibility to check for children who may be left on the bus at the end of their routes. The Child Check-Mate system is intended to be an aid to the driver to help ensure that his or her responsibility is not inadvertently omitted by providing audible and visual alerts when the bus ignition is turned off.

Maintenance Policies & Procedures

The goal of the Maintenance Team at GoldStar Transit is to partner with every level of management and provide the Operations Team with maximum vehicle safety and reliability. In order to realize this success, we work hard to implement programs that are realistic in their application. It is through this process that we achieve our goals of quality diagnosis and timely repair.

All of our vehicles undergo a thorough pre-trip inspection, performed by a bus driver, to search for and prevent any defects or operational items that may jeopardize the safety of our passengers. Post-trip inspections are conducted to ensure that all vehicles return to the yard in safe condition and to make sure that no child is ever left alone on a bus. Sanitation and health are also important elements of a child’s ride on the school bus, and all of our drivers are required to maintain clean and sanitary conditions aboard their vehicle at all times.

At prescribed intervals of time and mileage, we remove vehicles from service and assign them to their applicable manufacturer-recommended inspection, with each inspection focusing on specific operational and safety components of the bus. At all times, our maintenance program is in compliance with all OSHA and State requirements and regulations, including our AM and PM inspection procedures and intervals.

We are committed to providing our customers with a highly trained and professional Maintenance Department, which leads to a safer fleet and lower maintenance costs. Therefore, we support the education and certification of our mechanics with our “Advancement Through Commitment” program, which financially assists mechanics in obtaining their ASE certifications. Currently, more than 85% of the STI Maintenance Team across North America has received their ASE Master School Bus Technician Certification.