Our Services

Contracted Transportation Services

Look to GoldStar Transit’s full service transportation option if you are seeking to upgrade your fleet and improve operational efficiency.  We can purchase or lease your existing fleet, buy brand new vehicles at lower prices, maintain the vehicles, recruit and train staff, and manage all routing and scheduling for you.


Managed Transportation Services

If you are looking to continue owning your vehicles, but seek to improve your operations and get access to industry-leading low cost financing for your purchases, this option is for you!  GoldStar Transit can manage your operations and personnel while you own the assets.  Our Municipal Tax Leasing Program provides you with a exclusive access to low-cost financing for equipment purchases from third parties like national leasing companies and banks.


bast-2423Direct-To-Parent Transportation Services

Is your school unable to afford a full transportation system or are you thinking of scaling back services?  Our affilitate,  SchoolWheels Direct, provides a fee-based service that allows parents to continue to transport their children in the safety of a school bus.  You can also subsidize our services for parents in your community in order to split costs.


Charter & Extracurricular Activity Transportation

Whether the band needs to travel to a competition or the football team travels reguarly, we can provide your teams and organizations with affordable, reliable transportation.  Use our Book A Bus function or Contact Us to inquire about these services!


Special Needs Transportation Services

We understand transporting children with special needs requires the utmost care and the highest level of training. GoldStar Transit provides the highest quality service thanks to extensive classroom and online training on topics ranging from tie-downs and harnesses to identifying and responding to seizures or other potential emergencies.  Our culture of caring and compassion doesn’t end with our customer service, it includes being prepared and trained to transport the most precious cargo to school and back home.